Creative Ways For Home Care Services To Keep Seniors Engaged

When seniors require home care services in Missouri, it often means their mobility is limited. However, that doesn’t have to limit their activities. There are several ways to engage a senior’s interests and increase their sense of wellbeing.

Take the time to get to know the individual, and you will discover inspiration for projects and hobbies that can make an afternoon disappear with delightful ease. Developing creative activities can also help to increase the bond of friendship between a senior and their caregiver.

Word Games, Board Games, & Puzzles

It has long been understood that longevity is linked to engaging the mind. Games and puzzles provide hours of entertainment that keep the brain nimble.

Get Outdoors

Even with limited mobility, getting outside clears the lungs and changes the environment. From going for walks to tending a garden, letting the sun lift the spirits is an excellent idea.

Baking & Crafts

When the weather isn’t cooperating, staying inside to make something from a few ingredients or supplies offers seniors a way to create gifts and delicious treats.

Staying Social

When a senior lives alone, it can be difficult for them to socialize, so getting out for a coffee with friends or meeting up at a sporting event is a splendid way to invigorate the mind.

No matter the age or ability, seniors deserve absorbing ways to spend their time. By using ingenuity and adaptability, home care services can help them find creative pursuits for their time.

Treat Yourself to The Highest Standards with Senior Living

If you’ve never considered senior living in Moberly, now is the time. The benefits of moving into a facility that is dedicated to your care can make life easier and give you and your family priceless peace of mind. Without the burden of home and yard maintenance or meal preparation, you can concentrate on the things that matter most, your health and happiness. Spend your days participating in activities designed to keep you mobile, with the option to stay in and enjoy a cup of tea over a game of cards.

Facilities Designed for You

Senior living is at its best at facilities developed by Community Care Centers, Inc. They designed their wide range of services to accommodate the needs of mobile seniors, in addition to individuals who require ongoing medical care. Whether you need occasional in-home assistance, a senior living apartment, or skilled nursing, there are plenty of alternatives to meet your individual needs.

A Balance of Independence & Care

Facilities allow individuals to maintain their independence while securing their health and wellness. They provide trained medical care and living assistance from professionals who are passionate about your wellbeing. Beautiful grounds, engaging activities, and quality living are all yours to enjoy when you consider a senior living facility.


The Benefits of Assisted Living Facilities in Missouri

When you are deciding to move into an assisted living facility for yourself or a loved one, several points must be considered. A senior’s health changes as he or she gets older, so it’s important to review the assisted living facilities in Missouri and choose a retirement community with the right healthcare offerings in place. It can be a difficult decision for some people to make, but there are many positive benefits to look forward to during the next stage of life.

For example, here are the top two positive benefits of living in assisted living facilities:

Reduces Responsibilities and Worries

Homeowners have a lot of responsibilities, including taking care of repairs, maintaining their home, and paying for both planned and unplanned costs. Elderly people may have to hire someone to get it all done. In assisted living facilities, it’s easier for seniors to handle things on their own, and they have the advantage of being able to call for help whenever they need it.

Improved Social Life

The lack of socialization can lead to health challenges, including anxiety, depression, and some physical illnesses. Socialization provides a higher quality of life. In assisted living facilities, it’s easier to find other senior people who have similar interests and are able to spend time visiting. Most of these communities also provide regularly organized activities that encourage socializing. Seniors can choose to play games, work on crafts, attend parties, and participate in many other activities.

Reliable and Compassionate Assisted Living in Missouri

Home is our haven, which is why when our family or friends need to be taken care of; we go above and beyond to find the right help for them. Community Care Center INC offers some of the best services for assisted living in Missouri. We cater to each of our charges’ specific health and living necessities. Our staff is highly reliable, experienced, and trained to handle their at-home care. One of our top priorities is ensuring that your loved one can continue their daily routines as independently as possible.

Elderly care is a job that requires a lot of time and patience on behalf of the caretaker. Whether it’s to assist with medications, help with daily routines, or other specific tasks, there must always be respect and trust between the caretaker and their charge. That being said, nursing facilities are always taking the best precautions to keep seniors, their families, and staff members as safe as possible while COVID-19 is still in the picture. Seniors are the ones who are at the highest risk of exposure. If you have further questions on how to acquire assisted living caretakers, please contact us today to learn more.

Top Tips for Elderly Care in Missouri During the COVID-19 Crisis

When you or a loved one is a senior, you will likely be aware that the COVID-19 pandemic poses a higher risk to adults over the age of 65. It is important that seniors and those involved in elderly care in Missouri follow the best practices mandated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). To make things a bit easier, here are the top coronavirus safety tips for seniors:

Stay at Home

Seniors should stay inside except for essential medical care and short walks outside. If your loved one is a senior, offer to deliver their groceries (while maintaining social distancing) or teach them how to use grocery delivery apps so they can avoid trips to the store.

Practice Social Distancing

If your loved one receives elderly care at a senior living community or with family, they must avoid close contact with those around them and maintain at least six feet of distance. This rule does not apply to caregivers providing medically necessary care.

Hand Washing

Regardless of age, everyone should be washing their hands frequently for at least 20 seconds each time.

Clean and Disinfect

Most household disinfectants will work, but for proper elderly care, make sure you are cleaning frequently touched surfaces such as doorknobs, tables and countertops, remote controls, faucets, light switches, etc.

Wear a Mask

To prevent the virus’s unnecessary spread, everyone should be wearing face coverings when in public spaces, even if they are not symptomatic. Masks offer added protection while in public spaces, where social distancing is not always consistently followed.

The Benefits of In-Home Nursing in Missouri

There are many benefits of in-home nursing in Missouri for a senior family member, and we’re going to discuss them in this post. At Community Care Centers, Inc., we feel it’s important for anyone considering this to have all the information they need to make the right decision.

One of the most prominent benefits that individuals realize from in-home nursing is they are relaxed by being in a familiar, comfortable setting. People like to be home, and it’s conducive to positive physical and mental health. It also allows the person to maintain a sense of independence.

In-home nursing provides excellent medical care for individuals who need skilled services such as wound care, injections, and monitoring of vital signs. It is very helpful for someone who requires short-term support as well as a patient with a chronic medical condition who needs long-term care. Skilled nursing services can be covered by Medicare, health insurance, or veterans benefits.

Assisted living facilities also provide nursing options as well. These residences are a choice for seniors who require more services than can be provided for at home.

The main benefit to be realized is, of course, the skilled and attentive medical care provided by highly trained professionals.

What is a Skilled Nursing Facility in Missouri?

When you seek the best care possible for a loved one, it’s natural that you will have questions. One of the questions we often hear at Community Care Centers, Inc. is, “What is a skilled nursing facility in Missouri?” That’s why we’ve decided to create this post so that anyone who needs the information will have it.

A skilled nursing facility is also known as a nursing home. It is a center that cares for individuals who require an increased level of medical care instead of a senior assisted living facility. At such a facility, 24-hour professional care is provided by RNs, LPNs, and certified nurse’s assistants.

These nursing facilities are used for both short-term rehabilitative stays that can be at least partially covered by Medicare for up to 100 days in most cases. Nursing homes are also relied on by individuals for long-term or permanent stays. Medicaid will usually cover extended stays in nursing facilities for seniors with limited assets and low income who require a high level of medical care.

These facilities must meet very stringent conditions to be certified and are also subject to periodic inspections to make sure standards are continually maintained.

Tips to Help Assisted Living Facilities During COVID-19

Because of their communal nature and the elderly population, they serve, assisted living facilities (ALFs) are at a much higher risk for spreading the COVID-19 virus among their residents.

The recent experiences of outbreaks in nursing homes have demonstrated that residents with COVID-19 may not report the usual symptoms such as respiratory symptoms or fever; some may not report any symptoms. So, when relaxing the restrictions, any assisted living facility in Missouri really needs to remain vigilant for signs of COVID-19 among residents and staff in order to prevent spread and protect residents.

Top Two Actions for ALFs To Take

Identify a Point of Contact at the Local Health Department – This person should immediately notify the health department about any of the following:

If COVID-19 Is Suspected or Confirmed Among Residents or Staff

If a Resident of the Assisted Living facility Develops a Respiratory Infection Resulting in Hospitalization

If Three or More Residents or Staff Develop New Respiratory Symptoms Within 72 Hours of Each Other

Educate residents, family members, and staff about COVID-19:

ALF’s should have a plan and a process to regularly communicate with staff, residents, and all family members specified by the resident, including information about cases of COVID-19 identified among residents or personnel. ALF’s should also provide information about COVID-19 (including information about signs and symptoms) and strategies for managing stress and anxiety.

What to Expect in a Residential Care Facility in Missouri

Residential care facilities are often constructed in neighborhoods and provide increased supervision, as well as care and assistance with the many activities of daily living for elderly adults. Just as every house in a neighborhood is different, no two residential care homes are managed or styled the same way. If you are considering a residential care facility in Missouri for yourself or a loved one, here are some of the things you can expect.

Services That Are Included

A residential care facility is intended for seniors who may require increased care but don’t have intensive medical needs, such as requiring daily injections or feeding tubes.

Adult residential care facilities are a higher level of care than assisted living. It’s usually the next step when someone requires more supervision and attention. Their care services typically include:

  • A private or shared room
  • Assistance with toileting, bathing, and dressing
  • Medication management
  • Custodial care including laundry and housekeeping
  • Home-cooked meals
  • Transportation
  • Planning activities

What the Atmosphere Is Like

A residential care facility is usually quieter than an assisted living facility and offers a smaller, home-like setting for seniors.

These care facilities typically are located in larger neighborhood homes and are equipped to care for a small number of residents, usually between 2 and 10. Limited medical care may be offered, but it’s not generally a focus in this type of senior living.

Available Staffing

A residential care facility’s family-like atmosphere is helped by a high staff-to-client ratio, which is usually higher than in nursing homes or assisted living communities. The staff-to-resident ratio can vary from 1:3 to 1:6.

What Does Residential Care Offer Your Loved One?

Senior Living Facilities in Missouri |

Many people have the wrong idea about residential care from the TV they see and rumors they hear. They imagine stuffy facilities with overbearing or detached nurses and no freedom. If that is what you picture when you hear “residential care,” you should tour some senior living facilities in Missouri to see what they are really like. Today’s homes offer more personalized care and independence for their residents, as well as more enriching programming.

The main benefit of moving into a senior living facility is the peace of mind. Many families want to provide in-home care for their aging loved ones but simply don’t have the ability. Likewise, some of today’s seniors balk at the idea of moving in with their adult children. By choosing residential care, you gain the peace of mind of knowing your loved one is receiving the professional attention he or she needs while maintaining the feeling of independence.

Perhaps the next most important benefit of senior homes is the community they provide. Aging can be an isolating experiencing. It becomes harder to travel and visit people and over time partners, friends, and relatives pass away. However, residents at senior living facilities in Missouri are never lonely. Each home is a tight-knit community with numerous opportunities for socialization throughout the day. Many residents forge new friendships that last the rest of their lives. To learn more about the benefits of residential care, schedule a tour at a home near you.

Tour our senior living facilities in Missouri to see why our homes are right for your loved one. We offer seniors both attentive care and independence.