Top Tips for Elderly Care in Missouri During the COVID-19 Crisis

When you or a loved one is a senior, you will likely be aware that the COVID-19 pandemic poses a higher risk to adults over the age of 65. It is important that seniors and those involved in elderly care in Missouri follow the best practices mandated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). To make things a bit easier, here are the top coronavirus safety tips for seniors:

Stay at Home

Seniors should stay inside except for essential medical care and short walks outside. If your loved one is a senior, offer to deliver their groceries (while maintaining social distancing) or teach them how to use grocery delivery apps so they can avoid trips to the store.

Practice Social Distancing

If your loved one receives elderly care at a senior living community or with family, they must avoid close contact with those around them and maintain at least six feet of distance. This rule does not apply to caregivers providing medically necessary care.

Hand Washing

Regardless of age, everyone should be washing their hands frequently for at least 20 seconds each time.

Clean and Disinfect

Most household disinfectants will work, but for proper elderly care, make sure you are cleaning frequently touched surfaces such as doorknobs, tables and countertops, remote controls, faucets, light switches, etc.

Wear a Mask

To prevent the virus’s unnecessary spread, everyone should be wearing face coverings when in public spaces, even if they are not symptomatic. Masks offer added protection while in public spaces, where social distancing is not always consistently followed.