Tips to Help Assisted Living Facilities During COVID-19

Because of their communal nature and the elderly population, they serve, assisted living facilities (ALFs) are at a much higher risk for spreading the COVID-19 virus among their residents.

The recent experiences of outbreaks in nursing homes have demonstrated that residents with COVID-19 may not report the usual symptoms such as respiratory symptoms or fever; some may not report any symptoms. So, when relaxing the restrictions, any assisted living facility in Missouri really needs to remain vigilant for signs of COVID-19 among residents and staff in order to prevent spread and protect residents.

Top Two Actions for ALFs To Take

Identify a Point of Contact at the Local Health Department – This person should immediately notify the health department about any of the following:

If COVID-19 Is Suspected or Confirmed Among Residents or Staff

If a Resident of the Assisted Living facility Develops a Respiratory Infection Resulting in Hospitalization

If Three or More Residents or Staff Develop New Respiratory Symptoms Within 72 Hours of Each Other

Educate residents, family members, and staff about COVID-19:

ALF’s should have a plan and a process to regularly communicate with staff, residents, and all family members specified by the resident, including information about cases of COVID-19 identified among residents or personnel. ALF’s should also provide information about COVID-19 (including information about signs and symptoms) and strategies for managing stress and anxiety.