What is a Skilled Nursing Facility in Missouri?

When you seek the best care possible for a loved one, it’s natural that you will have questions. One of the questions we often hear at Community Care Centers, Inc. is, “What is a skilled nursing facility in Missouri?” That’s why we’ve decided to create this post so that anyone who needs the information will have it.

A skilled nursing facility is also known as a nursing home. It is a center that cares for individuals who require an increased level of medical care instead of a senior assisted living facility. At such a facility, 24-hour professional care is provided by RNs, LPNs, and certified nurse’s assistants.

These nursing facilities are used for both short-term rehabilitative stays that can be at least partially covered by Medicare for up to 100 days in most cases. Nursing homes are also relied on by individuals for long-term or permanent stays. Medicaid will usually cover extended stays in nursing facilities for seniors with limited assets and low income who require a high level of medical care.

These facilities must meet very stringent conditions to be certified and are also subject to periodic inspections to make sure standards are continually maintained.