How to Know When to Move to Assisted Living Facilities

Talking to a loved one about moving into senior assisted living can be a stressful conversation. It is a big decision to make, and many families wonder whether it is really time to make the transition yet. The following are some factors to consider when considering assisted living facilities in MO.

Isolation and Loneliness: Older adults often find their social circles shrinking as they age, especially if traveling becomes challenging. If your loved one is isolated or lonely, moving to a senior assisted living community could significantly improve their social life and overall quality of life.

Accidents and Falls: Everyone has accidents every now and then, but they become increasingly dangerous as people get older—and, often, more common. Reflect back on the previous year; did your aging loved one go to the emergency room due to an accident? Transitioning to assisted living may give you and them greater peace of mind.

Home Maintenance Struggles: Chores inside and outside the home become harder as people age. When your loved one struggles to keep up with housekeeping, talk to them about assisted living. They will enjoy more free time doing the things they love instead of struggling with property maintenance.

Poor Nutrition: We all indulge in unhealthy processed foods now and then for the sake of convenience. However, if these foods have become a staple in your loved one’s diet—or if they have been skipping meals entirely, your family should consider assisted living facilities where meal preparation will no longer be a concern.

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